trial program

Request trial now. Learn more about our 1-month trial below.
The trial program gives qualified customers an opportunity to try the product for 1 month, completely free. Product includes our Cloud Services (Web App) and a Mobile SDK to build ambient experiences in a physical location. The main aim of our trial program is to enable customers to evaluate a new-age technology and its value proposition for their relevant businesses.
Our trial program is open to the business customers who can use our technology and get the maximum value out of our product. We can serve customers from any industries like Retail, Museum, Hospitality, Restaurants, Entertainment, etc.
It is very simple! You can request to join our trial product by filling out basic information about your business and explain how you plan to use our product. We withll get in touch to assist you further.
Nope! It's completely free. All we need is your valuable feedback.
Our trial program will last 1 month from the date you begin (that is, first login).
At every stage, we will work with you to use our product to its maximum potential and attain the expected results. We will help you with buying the right beacon devices, its configuration, deployment, account set up, design experiences, mobile SDK setup and more.
Yes. You need to buy iBeacon compliant beacon devices. Don’t worry, we’ll assist you to select the correct beacon hardware. Our platform is beacon agnostic which means our platform works with any iBeacon device.
We support two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS.
Our platform is designed to create a variety of ambient experiences you want to deliver to your customers. For example, you can create a beautiful interactive product catalogue, a promotional offer or design a quiz to have super-engaged customer experience.
Yes. You need to build your brand’s mobile app, if you do not have one. We offer Mobile SDK which can be integrated with your new or existing app in minutes, immediately making your app proximity-aware.
We’ll try to take care of the technical complexity, so you can focus on the growth of your business. There may be a few technical things to be understood when you use our product, but wherever needed, we’ll be guiding you in simplistic language to smoothen the process.