How it works?

Setup - Create - Test - Monitor


Our platform uses beacons to detect proximity. Beacons are Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) devices which transmits only unique identity data over short distances. There are three numbers emitted by beacons - UUID, Major Number and Minor Number which help us to identify precise location of a mobile user.

So, to get started with creating proximity experiences, you first need to purchase beacon devices. There are different types of beacons available in multiple form factors with a different price range. Know more about beacon technology, beacon technology.
Location means the physical place where your organization would like to deploy the beacons. This physical space can be an individual branch of chain stores, museum, stadiums, restaurants etc. One can create a new location through our web admin console.
Region means a particular area in the location under the organization. For example, in a retail store, if a beacon is placed near the dress aisle in a retail store, then that aisle is termed as region. To create a region, you need to first add the beacons to the platform and then create regions for a particular area.

For the beacons to work with our platform, brands must configure beacons as per our guideline.
Mobile SDK
You need to integrate the app with our SDK to make the app beacon enabled. Please follow these simple steps.


For any desired experience to be delivered, you need an attractive content. This content can be about product information or tourist attractions or latest offers or soothing music. You can easily create interactive multimedia content of your choice with our design studio.
Now, Define the audience to whom the content will be delivered. Audience segmentation feature allows you to segment your customers into different groups based on different parameters. For example, your audience for the product information would be female, age 25 etc.
Let us define the experience by mapping context with the experience you want to deliver. So, mobile user will start receiving the content when in proximity to regions. For example, when a visitor is at the enters, he will receive personalized product catalogue.


It's time to test everything you have done in this process. Carry your mobile phone which has your brand app installed and walk far away from beacon proximity. Now, keep your app in foreground and walk towards proximity area. You'll receive your defined experience.

Great! You've done everything right. Now, your customers will also be amazed with such experience.


Now it's time to visualize your visitors. Footfall analytics will give you the idea of what are the most popular regions in your location. Content analytics will help you analyze the experience you are delivering.
To understand a consumer's interaction towards your content, use our engagement feature. This feature allows you to see the number of customers who have commented, taken the survey and other activities they have carried out related to the content delivered to them. For example, you can see how many customers have liked, shared or responded to the content delivered.