Delivering Intellegence For Real World Using IoT

Our technology empowers you to make data driven decisions by leveraging big data and internet of things technologies.

About is a technology startup. Our IoT focused location analytics platform delivers actionable insights for brick-mortar retailers. It delivers predictive, real-time, comparative and accurate analysis by harnessing visitor traffic, visitor behavioral pattern, staff operations across the locations. So, retailers can an measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns, control the offline store operations and quickly take important data driven decisions to improve both top and bottom lines of the business.


We firmly believe that technology should smoothly integrate with today’s lives. Technology should be invisible to such an extent that the user senses a strongly connected experience.

With technology advancement, we are now entering in an era of connected things. Our vision is to create the best possible connected experience in everything we build so that it seems natural and readily accepted by the end user.

Be it externally or internally, we always organize our products, services, processes, people and everything else with this vision.


As we clearly identify and many businesses also acknowledge, the knowledge gap on customer behaviour between offline and online retailers, We want to equip offline retailers with insights about their customer such that not only they can remain competative, but also leverage the advantages of offline customer experiences. Our aim is to be a leader in the location analytics solution market where we are recognized by our product’s value offering and seamless services.

We strongly believe in the Internet of Things concept also known as the evolution of the internet. Our product is engineered in a way so that it can be extended to develop capability which allows us to explore connected experience beyond proximity. To a certain extent, we see our proximity platform as an instance of the framework, we envisioned and somewhat built already.


Akash Kotadia
Founder & CEO

Doing whatever needed to build next generation IoT platform and keep the team happy and productive. Responsible to lead back-end product development.

In the past, I have worked for 3 years in the Silicon Valley and lead specific feature development of large enterprise platform and contributed to ship multi-million dollars product.

Manish Sheladia

He has two decades of technology business experience – evenly split between US and India. As a strategic advisor, he advises the team on business development and overall growth strategy.

Manish is also the founding partner of the Amditree Group which invested in the company. Prior to this, he founded CIGNEX in the US which was acquired by Datamatics in 2011. Before CIGNEX, he worked with Hewlett-Packard in product development.

Darshan Jani

A seasoned executive with over 17 years of experience in the tech industry. As a strategic advisor, he advises the team on product development, innovation and market opportunities.

Darshan is also the founding partner of the Amditree Group which invested in the company. In the past, he has served as vice president of product and advisor to Automation Anywhere. He has also led engineering division for Affinity Circles and worked for Netscape in the USA.

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